Online ‘Sales Alert’ Service Launched for Fashion Shoppers

Thursday, 03 December 2009
A free new online alert service for bargain hunters has been launched to ensure Britain’s millions of fashion shoppers get to know about sales as soon as possible. The concept, unique to the UK, brings together the best deals fromover 300 UK retailers and brands together at one independent online portal –

The site gathers information about discounts and sales from virtually every national retailer, fashion website and high street shop, and posts the best deals on one website that is updated daily and is completely free to use.

The service that launched this week, can also send regular email alerts at no cost to let shoppers know where the best sales are each week, ensuring consumers know where to shop first to find the biggest savings.

“This is the first independent site that is dedicated to fashion retailers in this way and yet there are millions of women wanting to save money and find the best deals in the high street and online,” explained Nicole Snape from

Frustrated by missing High Street sales, and battling with an overflowing inbox of mixed offers, avid fashion shopper Nicole has set up to help alert women to sales from all retailers.

“There is nothing worse than walking into a store, seeing that a sale has started and then finding your size in that dress you loved has sold out because you didn’t get there soon enough, and that’s why we came up with the idea,” she added.

Designed to be accessed through social media and mobile devices such as iPhones as well as laptops and PCs, readers can also link to online sales and share the best bargains via Facebook and Twitter.

The site has numerous ‘Pixies’; contributors who visit shops and High Streets in several cities throughout the UK, trawl websites and emails, but the people behind the site also want users to submit the best deals they see via links on the homepage and via Twitter and Facebook.

“The more people that contribute and tell us what deals they have seen, the better the service will get, and we hope it will be like having thousands of friends keeping you informed about the best sales,” said Nicole.

People can access the site free of charge at and can register in seconds for regular email sale alerts.

Image: Sale