Mango worldwide; an interview with Enric Casi

Tuesday, 15 December 2009
The Catalan fashion chain, Mango, which tops the European market for the most stores open, continues its international expansion plan despite the crisis and aims to open establishments all over the world. FashionUnited talks to Mr. Enric Casi, Mango’s General Manager and Partner. FU: Which new markets has Mango entered during 2009?
Mango has over 1300 shops in 95 countries. In 2009, it entered the Dutch Antilles, Byelorussia, Guatemala, Iraq, Iran, Martinique and New Caledonia for the first time.

FU: Which markets does Mango expect to enter in the near future?
We want to enter all markets whenever we find places that interest us. In Europe, each country has the capacity for 400 stores and there still a lot to be opened. In Spain, we already have 300 sales points. In France, for example, we only have 100 stores. In the meantime, we are focusing on Europe, China and Japan because they are very demanding sophisticated and affordable fashion markets. We have new sales points in Belgrade, Dubai, Kuwait, Johannesburg, Manila, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Peking, Tehran and Tokyo. FU: If the economy stays flat over the next few years, is the firm still going to keep opening stores every year?
Our idea is to open 200 stores a year regardless of the crisis. FU: Which is the best market now in terms of sales? And benefits?
Spain has the most stores, which is reflected by its sales. With regard to benefits, turnover is greater in Spain. Turkey is a very interesting country for us in terms of sales and benefits. FU: How could you compare your international strategy with that of Inditex?
Mango has stores in more countries than Zara. Zara has more product lines than Mango. It has clothes for women, men, children and the home. We have been working almost exclusively with women and men’s clothing for one year now but we want to enter countries that prefer quality and sophisticated products. FU: Where are your products made?
China represents 50% of our production, Morocco 20% and the rest is made in Turkey and Eastern countries like Romania and Bulgaria. Each country is specialised in one production phase. FU: Have you had to adopt any important measures due to the world crisis such as renegotiating lease agreements, altering working hours, lay-offs or adjusting salaries?
Business has dropped with the crisis. But everything is pretty much the same. The only difference is that we have renegotiated some lease agreements and we have closed some shops due to the expiry of the franchise contract. FU: Does Mango use Facebook as a real communication tool and do you think it more efficient in terms of communication than your own website?
Mango is still investing in interactive formats to introduce fashion to net surfers. In this case, we have launched a new application on the famous social network, Facebook, where users can interact and create their own Mango wardrobe. FU: For the first time ever, 'He by Mango' has exhibited at the latest 'Who's Next' in Paris. Have you thought about participating in other fashion fairs next year?
We hope to participate in HKTDC World Boutique Hong Kong and Franchise Expo Paris in 2010.

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