Board change Mariella Burani

Italian fashion group Mariella Burani nominated Gabriele Fontanesi and Ettore Bruani as directors to the board. As part of the restructuring process of the company, the new members are to reinforce the independence of the Board. Gabriele Fontanesi will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, with related responsibilities and authority, as of September 2009. Mr. Fontanesi brings management capabilities from multinational groups with which he has collaborated as CFO and as Director to the Board.

Also as part of this project, Giovanni Burani and Andrea Burani have resigned from their positions as Directors of the Board of Mariella Burani Fashion Group S.p.A. Giovanni Burani will assume the role of President and CEO of the parent company, Burani Designer Holding N.V., and Andrea Burani will concentrate on operational management of the Group.

Mariella Burani designs, produces and distributes across the globe various ranges world wide a of luxury apparel, footwear, leather accessory and jewellery collections under its own brands and under license for prestigious international designers. The company was founded in 1960 by Walter Burani, Chairman and CEO of the Group listed in the STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange since July, 2000, is today an internationally recognized public company with an established position in the accessible luxury goods market.

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