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Fashion Industry Insights 2013

This 2013 overview report includes:
• The Top100 stock listed companies
• Sixteen fast growing game changers
• Most popular companies in social media
• The most read news items of 2013
• Cotton and Wool price indexes
• Apparel industry facts of 11 countries
• The Top200 richest people in fashion
• Education, where does talent come from
• Biggest sourcing countries portraits

Why buy this report?
This publication includes surprising “need to know” information for fashion executives around the world.
It highlights a number of country specific statistics. Methods of analysis include key figures, short introductions, as well as companies to watch. Other statistics include social media, the most read news of 2013 and a list of the top 100 stock listed companies. A clear digital overview of the fashion industry in one report.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 October 2018 18:54