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Basic skills of a wedding florist
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TOPIC: Basic skills of a wedding florist
Basic skills of a wedding florist 1 Month, 1 Week ago  
Basic skills of wedding florists -- knowledge of flower materials

As mentioned above, the selection factors of the new couple in selecting a florist are discussed, so we will introduce the basic skills of each florist here. First of all, florists should not only understand the color matching, but also understand the seasonal flower materials, so as to give new people more comprehensive professional advice. Florists are also responsible for the design of fruit, dessert tables, wine and other places, in the design of new people and guests to have a bright surprise.

Floral arrangements for the wedding

The basic skill of wedding florists -- unique design concept

Different people have different opinions and different ideas about the same thing. Therefore, a basic skill for a florist is to have a unique design concept. After communicating with the couple and conducting field trips to the wedding venue, you should have a blueprint in your head. The design includes wedding background, dining table, road guide, ceremony table, check-in table and other places where flowers are needed. Florists should have their own unique insights and opinions to help couples create the romantic wedding they imagine.

Floral arrangements for the wedding

The basic skill of a wedding florist -- an understanding of beautiful dancing lights

As a qualified florist, I also need to have a good understanding of dance lighting, because lighting plays an important role in the design of a wedding. For example, lights can render white flowers into different colors, and conversely, they can illuminate a colorful flower into different colors. Therefore, the lighting may make the wedding scene appear different colors, so the florist must coordinate the relationship between the two.

Floral arrangements for the wedding

Patience is the basic skill of a wedding florist

Patience is also a necessary skill for a qualified florist. Presumably, the bride and groom want their wedding to be perfect, so every detail is in pursuit of delicacy. So, when the couple in the wedding with you together of the corresponding arrangement, you should listen patiently to floral designers, and will own told new ideas and Suggestions, strive to achieve one thing in common, will do delicate, perfect every detail.

Floral arrangements for the wedding

Matters needing attention in flower arrangement of wedding site

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Matters needing attention to flower arrangement in wedding scene -- accord with the theme

The decoration of wedding flower art is to accord with wedding theme above all, different forms of wedding need different types of flowers, do not make mistakes in the choice of flower materials. To join you at is a traditional Chinese wedding, then you can choose the red rose, or a symbol of the prosperity of the peony, if choose white peony or white roses, then with the red theme wedding to conflict.

Floral arrangements for the wedding

Matters needing attention to flower arrangement in wedding scene -- coordinate with the environment

Flower art in the field of decoration is an important part of, but the environment of the wedding and floral arrangement is a important factor that nots allow to ignore because floral integral colour to decorate a style to each other with the wedding. If, for example, is by the sea on the beach wedding, it will try to avoid the traditional is red, can choose pure and fresh quietly elegant is light blue, light green, light yellow or pink.

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