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 The lingerie selection rule of the bride with small breasts
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TOPIC:  The lingerie selection rule of the bride with small breasts
 The lingerie selection rule of the bride with small breasts 4 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
 1. Choose underwear that can deepen the cleavage effect

  The small-breasted bride wants to photograph attractive cleavage, shoot wedding gauze photograph the day is about to make full use of underwear. This will deepen your cleavage and make your breasts look fuller and more shapely. Especially those underwear that adjust bosom model, can draw the outline of female graceful figure very well, on the vision weakening bride's flat breast effect.

  2. Use air cushion underwear

  So-called air cushion underwear, it is to use air cushion, water bag to build female cleavage line. The air cushion underwear that sells on the market now also has a lot of kinds, small bosom bride can choose according to oneself be fond of. In addition to the current air cushion underwear can also adjust their own size, it is believed that the bride will be more confident after wearing it and take beautiful wedding photos.

  Choose a bra with a cup

  The bride's breasts are small, but they are not helpless. When the bride chooses underwear, she will try to wear a cup to make her breasts loose, so that she can put some padding in it and her breasts will look better. The bride can also be thicker when choosing her underwear, which can also shape her breasts.

  4. Choose underwear with steel rings

  Brides with small breasts can opt for underwear with invisible steel rings, which will lift their breasts up nicely and give those with smaller chests an attractive curve.

  Choose lingerie without shoulder straps

  No matter how stable the shoulder strap, there is the possibility of shifting and dropping the shoulder. And the shoulder belt caused by the "indentation," is the most detrimental to beauty. The bride should not simply assume that a normal bra (say, 3/4 cups) is all about removing the straps. Even a 1/2 cup bra will show up unless the outfit you choose fits perfectly.

  Choose light-colored or single-color underwear

  Because coloured underwear is very weak even, but also can cause in sunshine and magnesium light to go out, and complex decorative pattern can destroy the thin transparent effect of bridal gown itself, bring about leakage of color, still can destroy the line of bridal gown this province.

  7. Side check during fitting

  When trying on brassiere, must check from the side, ability knows the radian that puts on the garment how, the design that chooses the top position of cover cup to face upwards, can build the effect that sharp and straight.

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