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How to choose a good wedding day
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TOPIC: How to choose a good wedding day
How to choose a good wedding day 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
 How to choose a good wedding day is a real problem for the couple who are about to get married. Wedding day to pick what's taboo matters needing attention are new people need to know, below small make up on comprehensive analytic wedding day how to choose the right for you, let you in the best of the date of complete life events.

  How to choose good marriage auspicious day the new couple must know the auspicious day choice taboo principle

  The law of matrimony and choice on the auspicious day of marriage

  Want to know how to choose wedding day, in fact, marriage marry principle is the nativity, give priority to with the bride's date of birth, date of birth and refer to the man and others, as the saying goes: "son by birth, female on line to marry years". Therefore, if this principle is reversed or ignored, it will lead to marital problems and even divorce. On the contrary, great luck is.

  The best day for marriage is spring

  Refers to two "spring years" at the beginning and end of the year. Because spring has the beginning of a year and the symbolic meaning of opening branches and leaves, it is considered especially suitable for marriage. For example, 2014, 2017 and 2020 are "double spring years".

  Marriage is a leap month

  A leap month is a leap month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Because "leap" has the meaning of moistening, harvest, so the symbol of husband and wife has the moisture of love, love and harmony. For example, April 2012, September 2014, June 2017 and April 2020.

  The wedding day is a double spring and leap month

  "Double spring" and "leap month" are both suitable years for marriage. There are "double spring" and "leap month" in a year. For example, nonchen (2012) year a noon (2014) year.

  The best day for a wedding is the best day for a wedding

  As for the date of marriage, some people think that there should be a more rigorous method of calculating the date of birth of a man and a woman to calculate the most auspicious date of marriage. But it's a tedious process, with more people preferring to watch the calendar for dates or listen to the advice of people who study zhouyi.

  The auspicious wedding day should choose to embellish

  How to choose a wedding day? Chinese on wedding day quite value to choose and very exquisite "leap month", "leap year" say, namely, every two or three years will appear a leap year, choose the wedding day, had better be in leap month of the year

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