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To get married
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TOPIC: To get married
To get married 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
On the first day of the wedding ceremony, the man must have a set of beautiful clothes, and BaZhu, ga, the adornment such as bracelets, wrapped in silk, sent to the woman home, let the bride dressed up with door tomorrow.

  Procession of the day, the man's house to find a man who have status, with a group of people, have to take on a dress for the bride fastidious horse, the color of the horse, and a wife to mutually match; The horse must be a pregnant mare. At the same time, we must also bring the colored arrows, the arrows with the mirror, the cong jade, the beads and so on. Before the arrival of the cavalry, the woman will hold a farewell ceremony, such as "che ma" and drinking. When the man came in, he put the arrow on the bride's back, saying that she belonged to the man's family. He also placed it on the top of the bride's head, which is known as the soul jade, which means that the man's soul is committed to the woman.

  When a woman delivers the bride, she usually brings a companion. When the girl was about to go out, the woman's family had a colorful arrow in one hand and a leg of mutton in the other. She stood upstairs and shouted, "don't take our blessing away!" Again and again until the girl went away.

  When the horses went out, the leader was one of the best people, wearing white robes, riding a white horse and holding the eight diagrams in his hands. Then there is the representative; Then the bride and her companion; Finally came the people who came along. Along the way, the groom's family waited on the side of the road to toast the horses three times. If the road meets backwater, the back firewood, think the most auspicious, should dismount to the passerby to offer hada. It is unlucky to meet someone who is carrying a patient, taking out the garbage, or carrying an empty basket. During the march, the entourage sang "harmonics" and the bride cried as she walked.

  Before the bride arrives, the man must dress up the gate and prepare the mat for the bride. The mat is filled with highland barley and wheat, covered with multicolored brocade, and on the surface the auspicious symbol is painted with grain. The groom's family held "choma" and a barley wine at the door.

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