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Notice of group purchase of tour wedding photos -- note
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TOPIC: Notice of group purchase of tour wedding photos -- note
Notice of group purchase of tour wedding photos -- note 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
1. Wedding photo series.

  Because the wedding photography in group-buying, basically is to pay the deposit, then service items and will show that contain what service, can choose how many set of system, it also specifies the number of photos and the pictures of the clothing is decreasing and location, etc., so we must to all these problems when buying a question clearly.

  2. Time of wedding photography.

  After the wedding photography, you need to make an appointment with the photography agency. The time can be determined according to your needs, but you must choose beforehand. If you are shooting in a scenic spot, it is advisable not to rush in the holidays. After the time is agreed, you should also know clearly the items you need to prepare and the preparation before the trip.

  3. Wedding photo style.

  When taking photos, the theme style will be taken according to the theme style agreed upon in the group purchase, and the clothes and shapes used in the photos should be taken into consideration to see if they are consistent with the previous agreement. Unexpected expenses may arise in travel photos, which require a consultation from a photographic organization to ensure smoother operations.

  Travel wedding photography group purchase matters - low price travel should be cautious.

  On some group-buying websites, a number of films have been advertised as "featured Tours", "ultra-low prices" and "pre-arranged gift packages". People who have had a "travel" experience have bought a package worth 3,999 yuan online at a well-known photography agency. During filming, whether it is filmed and take photos, has any problem such as options, but to choose, take were found, many had not made it clear that the charge items are added to the money, a lot higher than the group after checkout.

  In these "cheap brigade take" project, a lot of studio, photography studio didn't explicitly listed "without makeup modelling", "add piece fee", even some charge in clothing, lighting and other expenses. Industry insiders warn that when booking a "tour", consumers should be able to see all the consumption content. In the course of service, it is necessary to ask the question of the possible consumption, and it is better to form a written material.

  Overall online group buying wedding photos is very good, as long as you choose the right wedding studio company, not only taking pictures is cheap and the effect also can guarantee, but these must be new discreet choice, so travel photos group-buying considerations must be new people take seriously.

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