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The wedding is suitable for playing small game to adjust the
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TOPIC: The wedding is suitable for playing small game to adjust the
The wedding is suitable for playing small game to adjust the 6 Months, 4 Weeks ago  
 The little games that are appropriate for the wedding can enhance the atmosphere and allow the bride and groom to bring joy to the guests. So what kind of wedding video game can achieve the effect without overplaying it? The following is a collection of colorful little games that I hope will be used in marriage and a small blessing for your wedding.

  A small game for a wedding: a tie.

  Are you and your partner on a monthly basis? No one knows. But the bridegroom, for the sake of your love, must be willing to do it himself, even in three minutes, with a line between the nine needles in the foam.

  A little game for a wedding: a heartbeat.

  You and all of his important anniversaries are like the first acquaintance, the first kiss, the date of marriage... Can he remember it all? Take advantage of this day to test his memory.

  A small game to play at weddings: the joys and sorrows.

  Prepare a pair of rings and place them in the refrigerator in front of them and freeze them into cubes. 2. Start the game, remove the ice cubes first, then apply the honey and pepper. 3. The couple can only use the mouth to dissolve the ice cubes, then take out a pair of rings and put them on each other's fingers, and say in front of the crowd: "I love you!" . Don't freeze the ice too much, or the game won't work properly. Game review: in the eyes of the public, using almost French kissing to complete the game, must set off the climax of the wedding.

  A little game to play at weddings: sweet talk.

  How knowledgeable is the groom? Write an article composed entirely of difficult words, and then he is?? Read it out. That's what it's all about.

  A small game to play at weddings.

  Life is a dish, acid, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, five tastes, believe in this special day, brave the groom five kinds of special drinks, can drink with lemon and honey respectively, chili oil, huang2 lian2, special drinks made from refined salt.

  A small game to play at weddings: the password class.

  Specific gameplay: tongue twister is the basic skill of every professional master, because it is easy to operate and is widely used in wedding games. A tongue twister can be a very simple joke, such as a hanging knife at the door and a knife falling. It can also be a little more complicated, for example, there is a very popular paragraph, the Shanghai dialect: -- the dia people carry the dia table, the baby is a satay bag, the satay is the back of the baby, the baby is a satay.

  A small game to play at a wedding: never too old.

  The bridegroom is not yet thirty years old, and why he has white hair, must be related to his sister's IQ.

  A small game to play at weddings: ideal.

  You, naturally beautiful, are the ideal of the groom. Are there other people? Divide the sisters and your photos by the outline of the face, eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and let the bridegroom make your appearance.

  A small game to play at weddings: the secret is public.

  Give each new person a little piece of paper, ask them to write the most disgusting things the happiest thing the most unforgettable thing the most touching thing the most love his (her) place the first time (***) where, the time and so on. Keep two people in isolation while writing. The note was then handed over to notary public. Finally, let the couple guess what the other person might write. Guess not, just wait for the penalty.

  A small game for a wedding: heart to heart.

  The sister and the bride, qi qi, put lipstick on the paper and let the groom find the bride's lips.

  A little game for a wedding: the crowd.

  In the building where the bride lived, nine hearts were affixed to each place, and the first was placed in front of the bride's house, and the last one was in the bride's house. The groom needs to find eight hearts as soon as possible before he can take her heart from the bride's house.

  A small game for a wedding: lemons.

  Prepare a list of 15 lemons and five envelopes, one to five, white and white, and prepare some questions about the bride and groom. By a male guests take a dish of lemon, a woman with five female guests is responsible for the envelope with the number 1 to 5, then by the best man to ask questions, such as ask the groom and the bride like to eat what fruit, the bride and groom to write their answers on the blank sheet of paper, respectively, after to speak out the answer to the bride, groom and the bride and groom also to speak out the answer, if there is a wrong, we have to the female guests hand in a envelope, the envelope is to eat lemon piece number, the serial number of the game until ate the lemon.

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