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The wedding bridal chamber of congratulation is the third ge
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TOPIC: The wedding bridal chamber of congratulation is the third ge
The wedding bridal chamber of congratulation is the third ge 7 Months ago  
 China is a state of etiquette, so it is necessary to follow the etiquette on many small matters, especially when it comes to marriage. On the wedding, the expression of the blessing of the new couple is an indispensable link, that in the new house, how to express the blessing? Let's take a look at this article for the wedding bridal chamber.

  Wedding bridal chamber message 1-3.

  1, flowers, red red reveal with celebrations, firecrackers vigorous reveal the auspicious, a joyous laughter laugh reveal the family happy, happy family and home to reveal the, love smell reveal with happiness, I wish you a happy wedding, grow old together.

  2, honey, you know each company will have to set a good, mutual affinity parental goes together, share the joys and sorrows of stick was destined to have a lasting relationship, family and high happy wind has been in pairs, I wish you: happy marriage, happiness.

  3, the plum blossom in full bloom, orientation, snowflake dances wedding anniversary, lang talented, good prospects of female beauty make people happy, dating love partner, with concentric beautiful marriage, candle laugh for a pair of lovebirds, bridal chamber like open and head of may. May the year of love be with you.

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  4. The light of the lantern is tied, and the gongs and drums are good. The husband and wife are happy for a hundred years. With everyone pushing and shoving into the bridal chamber, the beautiful scenery is as expensive as gold. On the wedding day, my text message with the best wishes, xiaoxiao sprinkles, may you love sweet, happy and permanent, happy lingering.

  5. A riot of fireworks in the air, a young couple with a smile. In front of the traffic, guests and friends inside. When the moon is full, all the flowers are smiling. It is now the same with the forest birds. May your marriage be happy and grow old together!

  6. The new people in the gong and drums laughed, and the red couplets played with the guests. The groom lifts a red cover and the rouge flies to the bride's makeup. Deep in love, love vows. Hand in hand to the happiness, together into the gentle field. I wish you a happy wedding.

  Wedding new house congratulation letter 7-9.

  7. Envy you, from the initial love to the heart, make a vow to promise a lifetime of loyalty; Congratulations to you, from the field of love into the palace of marriage, with the sweetness of the bells of happiness; Bless you, from the ordinary warmth to the white first, count the happiness to see the children. Merry Christmas, old friend.

  It is a joyous occasion, and the lights are on everywhere. It was a day of congratulation, and all the neighbors gathered together. It is an unforgettable day, firecrackers are ringing loudly. This is a day that we will always remember -- the wedding anniversary. Wish you a happy marriage and a long life together.

  The magpies chirp and the good things come. The new couple are smiling and their parents are smiling. Expecting children to grow up, marry and have children. Wish the new person will be strong, with the same heart and white head, and the mountain without the edge of heaven and earth would dare to be with you!

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  10. The sound of firecrackers is joyful, and the door-to-door son-in-law comes in. The bridegroom is cute, and all his friends and relatives praise him. The bride was beautiful, and passersby looked on. Happy to worship the parents, love to join the bridal chamber. I didn't want to see a happy marriage!

  Because of love, you go into this temple of emotion and make a promise to this life. Because of love, you give each other care, sharing the future bitterness and joy. I wish you happiness and happiness in your marriage.

  12, he led the red line, marriage on a string, tully, supporting mutually old, romantic cncondom flowers, can good, good marriage today, the grass beauty flowers smile, also wish you altogether hoary head, one hundred years are too few, happy wedding!

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  13, overcome the confusion in the love sea, experienced the love of the wind and rain, finally wait for today this sunny day. Congratulations on your marriage. I wish you a happy and prosperous life.

  14, a swirling snowflakes take my applause, hurried to call xiao north wind blow to my He Cai, the sky the moon take my heartfelt blessing, let the patches of the class cloud offer the sincere cordiality I, in your marriage good day, in the air has filled the intoxicant happiness. Wish my dear friend, from now on love forever bath!

  Text messages send blessings to people who have not arrived. There was a time when laughter was common, and now it is impossible to be a wife. The bridal chamber is smiling, surrounded by friends and relatives. I wish you a happy life and a long life together!

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  There are two things in life, and it is difficult and difficult to find a candle. Now meet the bosom friend, the flower opens and tie to be realized. The bride is as beautiful as a fairy. With the same development, the family is happy forever. I wish you every happiness!

  It is a thousand years of marriage. In this season of snow and snow, you hand in hand into the palace of marriage, sincerely wish you two happy and harmonious.

  18, darling tiancheng are, firecrackers along harmonious, heart like a gay flowers, playing in bridal chamber's, red light warm heart romantic night, by the bedside to dawn, love each other to the hoary head, hand in hand finds peace in his home. Wish: 100 years good match!

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  19, smile to convey happiness, the expression of the eyes, there is no foreign car, only a good heart, do not need thousands of words, is the heart has a mind, a bosom friend, a life, the road of life no regrets. I wish: hand in hand together, the beautiful moon circle.

  20. The suona will blow out the celestial match, and salute the wedding ceremony. The flower car is comparable to the bridal sedan chair, bridal chamber flower candle more laugh. The east is rich, and the south is getting married. To be a bird in the sky, to love each other and grow old together. Best wishes for a hundred years

  21, lang riding on white horse to welcome new people, a phoenix, a phoenix, a marriage. The yellow - haired girl is making a new tea. Heaven and earth, the two worship the Supreme Court. Husband and wife have a win-win situation, happy family has love. Romantic flower candle bridal chamber night, you need to work hard to be a father. Happy wedding!

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  22. Red candle red lantern, colored light colored car makeup dance. Bridal chamber new people new weather, jubilant jubilation. A cup of wine, with a knot in the heart, may you join hands together, together forever!

  Join hands with the happy ship, the long journey is no longer lonely. Let love guide the direction of happiness, the wandering heart feels warm. Let the romance hang up happy sail, the scenery of the life to linger to and from. May you be happy forever!

  24, who use rouge red lips, not you who in chicheng, tense your brow huan ying, who marry yarn won your mood of the aromatic, who use hands to win for you, the beautiful bride, friends, the wedding day, be sure to happiness oh.

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  The piano and the seer are together, and the moon is round. The golden phoenix over the night, the moon hangs the bridal chamber. Peacock on the screen, jade ducks on the pillow. The bride and groom smiled, and the bridal chamber was full of joy. I love you all my life. Happy wedding.

  26. Flower opening and matching, mulberry tie; Drum music, red candle yingxi. A hundred years of qin jinyi, as a good husband and wife. Good marriage and good marriage. Best wishes to you, mandarin duck wing. Wish: happy marriage!

  27. The beautiful scenery of the Lantern Festival, mingluan and phoenix accompanied by spring. Hibiscus with a smile, tortoiseshell with a wine. The tender heart is in love with each other. A hundred years and a hundred years of marriage have begun. I wish you a happy wedding and a happy marriage.

  Congratulations on your wedding.

  28, the sun li and the peach li smile, pearl and the phoenix fly. The jade building is decorated with bright flowers, and the golden house is round at the beginning of the month. The sheng rhyme is composed of the same dream, the candlelight smile to the shy person. A pair of happy couples, two love flowers. Best wishes for a happy wedding.

  29. The bees are busy with butterfly lovers, and the yingge dance is double. When the door blossomed and tiled, yinghu high tree orthonormal co. The harp is in harmony today. The white head with the heart, spring blossoms deep. Happy newlywed, may you and your partner have a lifelong relationship with each other.

  30, a visit to heaven and earth, the days are sweet and not angry; Two worship high school, the family happiness is long; A good life is better for a couple. A couple of new married couples, a hundred years of good reason, happy marriage is the fate, newlywed happy love forever!

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