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A wedding anniversary message is never lost.
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TOPIC: A wedding anniversary message is never lost.
A wedding anniversary message is never lost. 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
When it comes to wedding anniversaries, whether you're a relative or a friend, the wedding anniversary is just as essential as a wedding ring. Let's take a look at some of the most impressive wedding anniversary greetings.

  Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

  We met and we had love. We fell in love, and we got married. We got married and we got a family. Wife, wedding anniversary happy, let us join hands to create a better life!

  A lifetime of holding hands, never abandon the common white head. The wind and rain come and go, and share the joys and sorrows, even though the temples are green, and you watch the sun with your fingers. Love you never change.

  True love lasts, love is the only. With my love, crown your wrists; Life is company, I am with you. You are the only one I love in this life.

  Wedding anniversary message 2.

  Love is a spiritual feeling that is collected in millions and millions of languages. It is a kind of investment that does not count the benefits. Love is only the beautiful notes that can be struck by the right person. Meet you, I understand love is so magic! May our love always bloom!

  My days are bright because of you, my heart is vast because of you, my feelings are fulfilled because of you, my life is happy because of you, and all of my things are warm because of you!

  We choose to end the romantic touchy-feely, to enter the life of the complicated, our home is the fortress of love, the shelter of wind and rain. Happy anniversary!

  Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

  Ten years repair the same boat, a hundred years repair altogether pillow sleep. To find him/her in the vast sea of people, it is clear that it was a few thousand years ago; Countless accidental accumulation of the inevitable, how can not be the result of carefully engraved on sansheng stone? Take care of it with your heart, love you.

  May your love be more beautiful than beauty. More fragrant than anointing oil; Sweeter than the drops of honey under the hive; And more precious than the most precious treasure!

  The waiting time is not a simple and pale vows, but countless ordinary days in the same boat together, together! It is love that binds you together, it is love that connects you, and may you find that each year you are like the beginning of love.

  Wedding anniversary message 4.

  I dare not say I will wait your whole life, because I can not spend a few years. But believe I will love you forever, because you give me no one can give me again.

  Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, confidence is the best character, care is the most sincere greetings, care is the most selfless thoughts, blessing is the most beautiful words. I wish you a warm and happy life! Peace and happiness!

  Without your city, I would be like a man without love and warmth; I miss you very much, I quietly gently call your name. This is the promise of my life!

  Wedding anniversary message 5.

  Love you, is a kind of sweet sorrow, is a kind of romantic feelings, is a kind of gentle gesture, is a kind of want to say and have to say love! Honey, happy anniversary!

  The end of the flower, the beginning of the life of the oil and salt, love let us into the bastion of love, what they say, still happy, wife, happy anniversary!

  There need to be eight words between lovers: trust, understanding, tolerance, understanding. Now I use these eight words to bless our love, wish us a happy life, love forever.

  Wedding anniversary message 6.

  Love is music, first love is light music, passionate love is rock music, marriage is popular music, divorce is popular music. May you enjoy the BBB of love, happiness and happiness!

  The hand of the hand is touched, also the warmth of the old. Your love is the may garden full of roses. I would like to live happily ever after! Happily married.

  See every corner, have you and my story, slowly taste our love and hate. I want you to give me a place to "heart".

  Wedding anniversary message 7.

  Dear, today is the wedding anniversary, specially prepare the love dinner: first drink a happy aperitif wine, in the taste of cool and tender feelings, warm mixed feelings, stir-fried passionate love, the passion; And the sour sweet words, and finally the ecstasy of the love soup!

  Along the way have you, accompany me happy to accompany me worry, this sincere love, I will cherish forever.

  Hope I like life only pure, only one kind of stability and slow growth, like years rinse of color, like the heart sing song, more like the person who is reading this make your partner of life.

  Wedding anniversary message 8.

  Every time I look at you, I always feel that I don't see enough, and I still feel that I'm not enough to stay together every day. I always want to hold you in my arms and melt you in my love.

  I don't know what happened, so I'm getting married. I don't ask you for anything, just to say, if I hold hands with you, I will accompany you to the old, ok, dear?

  Wedding anniversary message 9.

  The road is step by step. Love is a bit of a change. Life is also such a page of real life! I treasure my life, more treasure you!

  Dear wife: you are mad son, I am silly, lingering and the world around you; The wandering world, today show you the rosy clouds; The sea is vast, the mountain is long and the water is not the home; Heaven and earth, you are the home.

  You are the brightest note in my life, my life is wonderful because of you! May the beautiful music be filled with every morning and evening after us.

  Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

  Life is the most rare a good lover, whether now or the distant future, we both protect today's love. Surrounded by flower seems to be you I spend each morning and evening, you the white rose is not pure and free from vulgarity appearance? Around you is my strong love, I will be as always in the future!

  The waiting time is not a simple and pale vows, but countless ordinary days in the same boat together, together!

  My days are bright because of you, my heart is vast because of you, my feelings are fulfilled because of you, my life is happy because of you, and all of my things are warm because of you!

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