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 English songs suitable for weddings render the warm atmosph
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TOPIC:  English songs suitable for weddings render the warm atmosph
 English songs suitable for weddings render the warm atmosph 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
In order to add color to their wedding ceremony, many couples will find ways to find English songs suitable for their wedding. You don't have to worry about it. This article has collected some English songs that are suitable for weddings. All you need to do is to feel the romance of the song with me.

  Recommended for English songs for weddings.

  1. The rose,

  The boy's voice is soft and gentle, best suited for a background music at a wedding, a classic old song that has been sung for many years, "I say love, It is a flower, and you It's only seed." "I say, love is a flower, and you are the only seed." I don't know how many people are stirring.

  Could this be love?

  This is a song that is very suitable for dancing. Although it is an old song, there is no new version of it, but isn't this retro feeling more likely to bring a lasting feeling to the wedding? Jennifer Lopes added a romance to her "El Amor No Hace Promesas" "love, No promise".

  3. Endless love

  "You will always be my endless love." More tears. Don't blame us, we are always looking for old songs to listen to, this is a rare case of tear gas.

  Recommended for English songs for weddings.

  Way back into love.

  The episode of the film music and lyrics, it's not like crying in front of the drops of bitter love songs, is a lively and lovely little love song, men and women singing, telling the found each other for their own lives brought a different color.

  Nothing's gonna change my love for you.

  You might say that there are so many versions to use which one? It is very different from the composition of the original song. It has the style of the waltz, the trumpet and the organ are fused into one, full and romantic.

  I Can't take my eyes off you.

  A song full of demagoguery, there are a number of movie Bridges used to make the background music, and the hero who shows the suffering of the marriage meets the scene of the little lover. Yes, this is the expression of the gentleman's original impulse to see my fair lady.

  Recommended for weddings in English.

  7. Angels

  What kind of angel salvation can Robbie Williams be? "I'm loving angels instead," he said. "I love angels." Is your girl the one who shaped your angel?

  8. Halo

  I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Beyonce and Jay Z are famous model couples in the circle, and the song is a testament to their love. Seeing the head of a loved one is covered with a halo, he shines and leads you through the darkness. Beyonce is not a stingy singer, and she is very emotional and emotional.

  9 When a man loves a woman.

  As long as the first sentence "When a man loves a woman" reminds me, I guarantee you will also say deja. Michael Bolton's voice sounds as if he is looking at his lover hand in hand, feeling a thousand words into the song.

  Recommended for weddings in English.

  10. This love

  The song, which is so doting, is a little bit on the ball, and everyone gets up and wriggles.

  11 And I love you so.

  The most favorite songs by N people.

  I know I loved you.

  The soulful lyrics go with the beautiful melody, with Darren's soft voice, a combination of one and a half.

  Recommended for wedding English songs.

  13. The Wedding march

  How can you get rid of the classic music? If you are not new to the church, you can choose this song to make the wedding ceremony begin in a solemn and solemn atmosphere.

  14 Just the Way You Are.

  It is also a taste of Diana Krall to play the classic song again with Jazz music.

  15. Once in a blue moon.

  In the Japanese drama "With Love", he gave a piano version to his beloved as a gift, which is believed by many people to have a deep impression. This melody is beautiful, compared with the music which is played in the daily toast, is a more alternative choice.

  Recommended for a wedding in English.

  16. Sweet dream

  Sung by south Korean singer jang nala, several couples have used the song.

  17. I do

  I think the song is perfect, the lyrics are good and good. It is recommended that 98 degree not only sing well, but also a group of muscular men.

  I wanna be with you.

  The first song by the dinosaur sister xu jieyi was a happy song.

  Recommended seven for English songs for weddings.

  19. Love will keep us alive.

  The Eagles song, from that famous "Hell Freezes Over, and it is a pity that The man who bought The album is more than 90% in order to listen to that first passionate" Hotel California ", but ignores several other good song, especially The song. Personally, I think it is a rare good song to interpret the true meaning of love, not only the melody, but also the beautiful lyrics.

  20. I swear

  The song is about a boy who vows to the girl that he will live a whole life, like the stars and the moon hanging in the sky every night.

  21. The Bossa nova affair

  It was a famous song full of samba, with a comfortable rhythm and soft female voice.

  Recommended for a wedding in English.

  Air on the g string.

  This one must be familiar to you, music is very elegant, and if you think of a friend who is tired of listening to the wedding march, consider this music.

  23. Close to you

  Karen Carpenter's beautiful voice is unique, so that all guests can feel this sweetness.

  24. Light of my life.

  By Lara Fabian and wang song, included on the roller seven, this is a different combination of choral songs album, most of these materials can be used as wedding music, songs, but emphatically recommended the song.

  Recommended for a wedding in English.

  For the first time.

  The lyrics of this song are fascinating.

  26. Beauty and the Beast.

  Suitable for playing the growth album, it is better to use the picture in childhood.

  27. The Mariage d amour

  It's best for world-renowned pianist Richard Clayderman to play the classic music. The melody is graceful, the rhythm is fast, the feeling does not lose the zhuang yan feeling, is a good choice.

  Recommended for a wedding in English.

  I believe 28.

  Many people fall in love with the theme song because of the movie. The life of the hero and heroine in the play, the tears of laughter, and you two years of time overlapping, life with each other's support and sharing, this song becomes a lifelong commitment.

  29. Chanchullo Ruben gonzalez

  "Buena Vista Social Club" movie CD DVD, full of thick Cuban music, feel very relaxed and unique, the most appropriate to take guests to wait for the atmosphere.

  My Heart will Go On.

  The movie "Titanic" is a global love affair, and it is believed that this song will be a popular choice.

  An English song for a wedding.

  Dream a little Dream.

  When the woman heard the song, she would think of the hero with a large bouquet of zhu guli flowers. It was hard to forget that the heroine was wearing a wedding dress to eat chocolate. How could this music be missing at the wedding feast?

  Just the two of us.

  It is interesting to see the title, the rhythm is also light, give the new person a relaxed time.

  The Look of Love.

  A new generation of Jazz queen Diana Krall sang the song in her magnetic voice, making the atmosphere Sexy.

  English songs for weddings are recommended 12.

  Fly Me to the Moon.

  This music rhythm is light, it sounds sweet and sweet, and it feels good. This version is played in the Jazz style, which is another flavor.

  35. The campaign from Montmartre

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