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 One of the world's top ten honeymoon destinations is a trip
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TOPIC:  One of the world's top ten honeymoon destinations is a trip
 One of the world's top ten honeymoon destinations is a trip 7 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Everyone looks forward to a romantic honeymoon, a trip with a loved one, a trip to the most romantic place in the world, and the beginning of a happy marriage. Therefore, this article has collected and compiled the world's top ten honeymoon destinations, and you can learn about them.

  I. Prague

  Some people compare Prague to the world's largest romantic wonder, the ancient town full of ancient charm with intact fairy tale castle. Every street and alley can find ancient buildings, full of historical traces, all kinds of ancient buildings make up the most beautiful city in Europe. The story of the princess and the prince begins at this ancient castle.

  Second, the Paris

  Paris, of course, is the classic romantic capital. There is a strong French romance, not only romantic, more elegant temperament, as zhu zi-qing in the European tour descriptions, parisians who probably all have a two root and bone. It is a great pleasure to bring your lover to Paris to experience the romance of the city, the customs and the arts.

  Salar DE uyuni.

  This is definitely a unique romantic adventure. The largest salt marsh in the world produced the world's largest mirror of the sky. After the rain, the lake reflected the whole sky, and the lake sky was blue and blue.

  Four, Denmark

  Denmark is a place full of dreamy colors, but it is the beautiful fairy tale kingdom for many years. About love fairy tales, people will always remember the mermaid who stuck to love. Today she is still elegant and sad, disappointed and expectantly waiting by the sea, like the beautiful stone like a man waiting for the return of husband on the cliff.

  Page is between the Danube and the Delaware river, surrounded by green water and pleasant weather. There are thousands of valentine's locks, and they are compared to the "lock of lovers". Valentine's locks are full of almost every corner of the city, whether on the shop's door, on the square or on a sculpture, there is a long iron lock for love. It is no doubt that this love lock is the most sincere pledge of all lovers.

  V. Venice

  Venice, Italy is undoubtedly the most romantic city in the world and the choice of many honeymooners. Venice is also a floating city, the city of masks, the canals and so on. The venetians are excellent hosts, and they will receive you in an elegant manner. You will be surrounded by music, which makes the atmosphere more romantic. The singers will serenade you at a candlelit dinner table, and you will be enjoying all this with your lover in Venice's unique anchovies. Venice is a paradise for lovers. The river flows slowly between the canals of Venice, and everything is so calm and warm. Away from the hustle and bustle of modern city life, Venice will give you a relaxing vacation. St John, and John Paul's cathedral, st. George Marjorie island, academy of fine arts, condottiere monument, in bridge, murano island, the presidential palace and the piazza SAN Marco visitors arrived in Venice is a must to several places. Venice is also a small town with nearly 400 Bridges. On your honeymoon in Venice, you'll have a chance to go to verona, where romeo and Juliet's love story begins. You can only take the train from Venice for nearly an hour to reach verona. Venice is a city of love, and you will not be disappointed.

  Vi. Nepal

  Some people say that the center of the world is in Nepal, because it contains the energy of practice and the culture of the world. The Buddha was born here, and the himalaya rises here, and the temple of size grows here. Yellow and red is the basic color, faith is the power, and the new people will be here to experience a completely different exotic, beloved him, hand in hand together into the Nepal, open the window of the mystery of Nepal.

  Seven, dubai

  On the other side of the sea, on the other side of the desert, a city was born, a futuristic building that was soaring into the sky, a luxury hotel with a great deal of money, a desert in the desert... Dubai, a real and unreal place! Dubai has the world's first seven-star hotel, the world's largest shopping center, and the world's largest indoor ski resort, which is almost synonymous with luxury. The golden city is a blend of modern and traditional, sunny, clean desert, oasis, at the same time with the desert.


  Happiness starts from the fine sand, and seven kilometers of white sand beach is the best gift for the new couple in boracay. The blue sea and the blue sky are connected with the blue sky, and the soft white sand is on the bottom of the foot. It is lively but not noisy, quiet and not lonely, enjoying the two people's world exclusively for the new people. Take the most distinctive crab boat to go fishing, and you can lie on the beach and enjoy the kiss of the sea breeze.

  London, England.

  Samuel Johnson said, "to be weary of London is to be weary of life, for all that life can give, London has." Here are all the thoughts you have about life, and it's a city full of possibilities, where you can find anything you want. Whether it is sunny or cloudy, London has a special beauty, good at discovering beautiful new people, and must not miss it.

  Greece's holy island.

  Only Greece, known as the "balcony of Europe", can give birth to a romantic santorini. The beautiful santorini has the most beautiful sunset in the world, the most magnificent sea view, and the love sea that symbolizes commitment. Between heaven and earth, blue and white are white and blue. Let the artist exclaim, let the photographer infatuate, let the traveler fascinate. It is also a place for lovers to believe that it will be a place of eternal happiness...

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