Tom Ford launches sneaker collection

Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Tom Ford may be known for his red carpet allure and high octane glamour, but he's also very savvy when it comes to fashion business.

Perhaps that is why Ford is delving into the sneaker market, albeit the luxury sector of the casualwear offering.

While Ford may like to think his clients are wearing 6 inch heels from dawn to dusk, the reality is many customers have a versatile shoe wardrobe.

Ford's new sneaker collection will offer Italian made shows in leather and velvet, and each shoe is made in workshops run by artisan cobblers who spend a week stitching, polishing and then “resting” the leather for 10 days where the shape of the shoe is created. They’re then hand-polished over three days.

Retail prices are expected to go up to 590 pounds for high tops in leather and 420 pounds for low top velvet trainers.

Images: Tom Ford