Stella’s garden party

Tuesday, 12 June 2012
Yesterday in New York City, Stella McCartney hosted a garden party to present her pre-spring/summer 2013 collection at the East Village’s 19th-century Marble Cemetery. Resort presentations always allow for a little more creativity and Stella McCartney showcased her collection of saturated yellow and baby blue colours in a carnival atmosphere.

The garden party festivities attracted a host of celebrities including Anne Hathaway and Solange Knowles, who all watched the models dancing, blowing bubbles and sipping cocktails from jam jars.

The collection itself had a 1960s/70s vibe with the inclusion of bell-bottom trousers, capri pants, and floral dresses. There were also patchwork sweaters, blazers, leopard print, plaid, pleated skirts and cricket jumpers.

Images: Stella McCartney

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