MFW: Prada SS14

Monday, 24 June 2013
A collection dedicated to the cliche of summer could only come from the fashion house that is Prada.

A social comment about beautiful exotic places, where the only ugliness is the human touch of war. A tropical sound clash made its way onto the set with palm trees and the sound of helicopters on the airwaves.

The models walked down the runway with moist faces, like tourists being out of their comfort zone on an exotic holiday. The show opened with a bright floral shirt worn under a double-breasted blazer.

The floral theme continued with colours in red, yellow, blue and green and accessories, like briefcases, were decorated with blooms.

The set, which was designed by Dutch architect and longtime Prada collaborator Rem Koolhaas, called it "menacing paradise."

The clothes, of course, were alluring. The lightness, vividness and beauty made the audience long to be where the exotic action was. Even if traditional Tahitian shirt is nothing new.

Images: Prada SS14

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