MFW: Prada AW13

Prada's AW13 show encapsulated what men want to wear. Or at the least ought to wear. This season designer Miuccia Prada strove to create the perfect sweater, the perfect shirt, the perfect coat. The result, a collection of pieces whose simplicity belies its sophistication.

The first look, an untucked red shirt worn under a blue sweater with a checked trouser summed up the mood. Mrs Prada said backstage: "Simplicity is so difficult. To make perfect something that is normal and classic is much harder."

Trimmed collars, drainpipe trousers and chunky brogue shoes made the collection feel fresh yet accessible. As Prada stated: "Normality can be provocative. Banality is the reality of life. I don't like a fantasy about life."

Images: Prada AW13

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