MFW: Jil Sander SS13

Monday, 24 September 2012
The spring summer 2013 Jil Sander show heralds the return of of its  founder, who recently took back the helm of the label she founded back  in the 70s. Sander, who left 8 years ago, has since done a three year collaboration with Japanese high street brand Uniqlo and her  minimalist style, which she prefers to reference as 'purity' and 'integrity' is still as relevant today as back in her heyday.

Sander's show notes read "Reset to Zero," but it wasn't like her brand  was starting all over again. Her ethos, which brings an intelligence  and purity of form, was updated but never strayed from her earlier aesthetic.

Opening with a beautifully cut sleeveless coat-dress that, over a  white blouse, Sander showed the essence of fashion is about fabric  knowledge, cut and precision. No embellishment or crazy prints  required to show clothes that women will actually want to wear.

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