Ferragamo celebrates the women of its house

Monday, 05 May 2014
Florentine luxury house Ferragamo have filmed an ode to the women of its family-owned company. The Ferragamo brand was officially founded in 1928 by Salvatore Ferragamo. Despite his passing in 1960, his wife Wanda, daughters and grand-daughters are very much involved in the company's business, from design to operations to being on the board.

Ferragamo's daughter, Fiamma, left school at sixteen to work for her father, translating his creativity into today's success story. Fiamma was the first of many women in the Ferragamo dynasty to help shape and propel the company. Daughters Giovanna and Fulvia followed Fiamma’s path, taking on the design of ready-to-wear and accessories while still in their teens.

“We all found our own way of expressing our talents; we completed each other, like all sisters do,” Fulvia says. She and Giovanna are now deputy chairs of the holding company and fashion label, respectively, while Fulvia’s daughter, Angelica Visconti, is Ferragamo’s retail director of Italy.

Image: Ferragamo women