Chanel Pre-Spring '14 collection

Tuesday, 14 May 2013
Karl Lagerfeld gave a double-C slant to Colonialism for Chanel's Pre-Spring 2014 collection. The catwalk show took place at a former nutmeg plantation in Singapore where buyers and editors sat on plain wooden benches, facing walls with chipped paint.

This was, of course, in stark contrast to the refined and beautiful clothes on display, which was an 81-piece collection of pure luxury.

"I did so many colours for the show in Edinburgh and suddenly I liked that very limited Chanel palette - white, off-white, ivory, black, bluemarine and navy blue - that was enough. There was no need for any other colours," said Lagerfeld. "There are also enough shapes - there is a new proportion in this open, long skirt. Normally, long skirts don't look good with heels, but these do. It's a beautiful silhouette.

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