Tricked out jeans

Friday, 10 August 2012
A pair of jeans is no longer just a pair of jeans. In their quest to help consumers find the perfect pair, fashion labels are rapidly outdoing each other. From hydrating Aloë Vera denim to Work Out jeans.The jeans market must flourish again. Times are tough for denim entrepreneurs. This much was apparent at the Berlin fashion trade fair Bread & Butter. Trends such as chino's and trousers in a rainbow spectrum of colours are interfering with the sale of a good ol' pair of jeans. Pierre Boisselle, marketing manager for Japanese denim label Edwin says: "The situation will improve. People will always continue to buy jeans, but this is a good time to be innovative."

And the one thing that jeans labels are being these days is innovative. It all began two years ago with Levi's Curve ID. The brand claims that after extensive research into the relationship between hips and waist, it has found the perfect pair of jeans for every woman. The Italian brand Benetton has joined the fray. It recently launched the Pin Up Denim. According to the fashion company, this is an 'exclusive, technically developed pair of jeans that performs miracles'. The promise: "These jeans will do your most prized body parts justice." Thanks to a special sowing technique, the jeans are meant to emphasize women's buttocks. And thanks to a technical panel sown into the interior, they supposedly flatten the tummy. And let's face it, which woman doesn't want that?

Gsus and Wrangler want to treat their female clients to a little extra. The Dutch brand Gsus launched the Aloë Vera jeans. The plant, which has healing properties and originates in Sudan, attaches itself to the fibres of the jeans and every time a woman wears a pair, it rubs onto her skin. Gsus claims that in this way the jeans protect against premature aging, dangerous substances and UV-rays. Wrangler developed something similar: the Denim Spa. What does this entail? Jeans that hydrate your skin while you're wearing them. 'Ingredients' like Jojoba and Aloë Vera supposedly moisturize and moreover, cause cellulite to disappear. Wrangler's aim with these jeans - which wearers can enjoy for six to eight washes - is to take comfort to the next level.

The innovations in denim seem to be specifically targeting women's fashion. Levi's took a different approach and joined forces with Nike. Together the companies developed a pair of jeans geared towards skating, allowing men to skate freely and safely in them. Above all, the material is extra thick. Mac also decided to develop freedom of movement for men with its Work Out jeans. The trousers are supposed to be extra comfortable because of the added stretch.

And finally: practical for both men and women is Only's innovative jeans. The Danish label developed a water-resistant pair of jeans, which repels fluids thanks to a special coating. Being caught in a rainstorm will mean never again having to spend the rest of the day in a soaking wet pair of trousers.

Photo small: Wrangler
Photo large: Benetton