Louis Vuitton goes logo free in China

Wednesday, 29 May 2013
The days of logo splashing are far from over, but luxury brand Louis Vuitton has reacted to the economic slowdown in China by taking its high exposed logo from its latest advertising campaign. The new Chinese ad campaign see the French fashion house feature Chinese actress Fan Bingbing drinking a cup of tea, seated with a pastel-coloured bag without logos. The ad itself features no information and is entirely logo-free.

Louis Vuitton without logos in China

The message, of course, is brand exclusivity. Louis Vuitton is aspirational enough in China, so much so it doesn't need to scream its logo. With the recent slowdown in consumer spending and a period of being highly exposed, the new ad brings a lifestyle message, rather than just screaming product.

“At the risk of shocking everyone, the [rate of] sales growth at Louis Vuitton is not a problem,” said LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault at a shareholders’ meeting, stating that slow growth was part of the company’s “deliberate strategy” to become more exclusive.

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