John Galliano gives first interview

Wednesday, 05 June 2013
Disgraced designer John Galliano has given his first interview since his eponymous termination from the house of Dior in 2011. The designer, who's unceremonious anti-semetic attack in a bar two years ago got him fired from the top job at Dior, tells Vanity Fair magazine that despite the trials and turbulations it was the best thing that happened to him.

His remarks come as Galliano stated he was so dependent on alcohol and prescription pills that he existed in a bubble whilst at Dior, blaming his addiction as a coping method for the stresses of the job.

Designing Kate Moss' wedding dress saved me

Galliano has since sought help and spent time in a rehabilitation center in Arizona. The designer said 'creating Kate Moss' wedding dress saved me personally because it was my creative rehab. She dared me to be me again.' Galliano added: “I have rediscovered that little boy who had the hunger to create, which I think I had lost. I am alive,” he told the magazine.

Vanity Fair wasn't the only publication looking to tell the story. Several major news organizations had been pitching to land the first interview with the designer, reported WWD. VF's journalist Ingrid Sischy, knew Galliano professionally after 20 years of attending his shows, and first reached out to him to discuss the profile in February 2011, in the early days following his dismissal from Dior. Galliano responded he wasn't ready to tell his story at the time, he needed to be on the journey longer.

“It was important to tell the story the right way, and by the right way I mean with the cooperation of the person the story was about. It seemed to us that done the right way it could be a story that mattered,” Sischy said. “This isn’t just a story of a designer. It’s a story of successful people who run into trouble. It mattered to the magazine the story was told with John’s cooperation.”

Sischy sated she was moved by the designer. “It’s a good red flag when someone isn’t genuine, your stomach kind of tells you. My stomach was saying, ‘This is the real thing,’” she said.

In the piece, she concludes, “My prediction: Get ready for his second act.”

Image: John Galliano, Kate Moss' wedding dress

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