Fashion companies power Top 500 brands on YouTube

Tuesday, 07 May 2013
Nike, DC Shoes and Victoria’s Secret are among the top apparel companies on YouTube. In fact, together with the top companies in the strongest categories technology (Google, HTC, Sony) and automotive (Audi, BMW, Chevrolet), they represent more than half of the Top 500’s monthly views (442 million) according to the study “Top 500 Brands on YouTube” published by New York City-based online video advertising company Outrigger Media at the end of last month.

“The Top 500 brand channels on YouTube form a unique group. The most successful are adapting best practices from the most popular channels on YouTube, while layering in advantages afforded by their substantial creative and media resources,” said Mike Henry, founder and CEO of Outrigger Media. They also generate nearly half a billion views against their content each month.

Among the brands to watch, Outrigger Media lists DC Shoes at the top for their “founder Ken Block’s penchant for cars and a high-end approach” that has brought the brand about 5.5 million views per month and a subscriber base of more than half a million viewers.

Dior among brands to watch

Porsche, Luxy Hair and Blackberry are mentioned next, just ahead of luxury fashion brand Christian Dior. Consistently delivering “high-quality video from fashion shows and beauty tutorials” and the web documentary series “Lady Dior” have worked well for Dior. The short film “Secret Garden – Versailles” even received more than 17 million views. Though with 10.4 million views per month, Dior really can’t complain, the company should watch its subscriber base that at 50,600 is comparatively low.

Among the Top 10 brands by slate score – a rating by video content analytics platform OpenSlate that “tracks more than 50,000 YouTube video channels and measures their ability to attract, engage and influence an audience” – is Nike Football in the fourth spot and DC Shoes in the seventh. Both companies rank well in terms of influence, followed by engagement and consistency, which is in the mid-range.

The study shows that companies would do well not to underestimate the range and reach of video media for building and maintaining their brand and image. And there is room for growth: “The top brands on YouTube average 203,000 Twitter followers and 2.6 million Facebook likes, but register only 35,000 YouTube subscribers, leaving plenty of room for audience growth as their video content strategies develop,” the study advises.

Image: YouTube/Outrigger Media

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