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Friday, 17 October 2014
“Our collection is just like a sandwich,” explains Armin Broger, director of the newly launched fashion label Every day counts, which is financed by Esprit. Thursday night saw the opening of the label first test store on the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, one of the main shopping streets in the self proclaimed denim capital. The 160 square meter store was created with customers needs in mind and features digital assistance in its fitting rooms as well as personalized style advice.

“Consumers say that they have a wardrobe full of clothing, but they always pick out the same pieces to wear day in and day out. We at every.day.counts wanted to presented these items to our customers,” he added. “Our collection is like a sandwich, which you can fill with different fillings. The basis – or the bread – consists of the pieces you wear every day. We call these garments 'Everyday.' Then we have the additional 'statement pieces,' which we see as the additional filling you can use to personalize your outfit, or fill your sandwich. We call these items 'Today,' and they can easily be swapped.”

Every day counts opens first store in Amsterdam

The brand aims to release a collection four time per year. The 'Everyday' collection is the fixed range which will be available for six months and launched at the start of each season. The 'Today' collection will then be launched in between these seasons, separate from the fixed range. “Pieces that sell well stand that chance of being added to our regular fixed range,” says category manager Manon Egging. “We want to offer our customers good quality, contemporary items for a fair price. Following our brand concept we want to create garments which people want to wear every day. Therefore our focus is on creating strong basics with an edgy twist, which includes denim.”

With T-shirt retailing for 12 euros and jeans prices ranging between 50 and 90 euros there is certainly something suitable for most budgets. The design team, which currently consists of twelve designers, spent over a year creating the labels first collection. “We are still in the early stages. Our design team may not be so big, but that is what makes this interesting for us. We can all get together and sit around a table, discussing clothing,” says Egging. The fashion label also offers accessories such as headphones, gift cards and stationery.

Every day counts works with different manufacturers from all over Europe, working it garment factories in Turkey and fabric producers in Italy, whilst sourcing its belts from The Netherlands. For its upcoming collection the design team looked to incorporate waterproof denim into a raincoat, but the garment is still in its test phase. In addition, the collection will also include lace and leather, most prominently in the form of perforated leather trousers, which are most likely to be available in store mid-February, 2015.

The label is set to launch an online website next week Monday, which offers shipping to over 25 countries within Europe, including the UK. Customers will also have the option to place online orders in store or collect online customers from the test store in the Kalverstraat. “We tried to incorporate the most technical gadgets into our website,” adds Barry Giddings, head of digital at the brand. “Just like our test store, our online website will feature a clean and modern look. Customers can create a online wish list and share items they like via social media platforms. When you click on a item, not only will you receive a full description, but you will also see information regarding product availability in store and how many are currently in stock.”

Written by Luuk Krekels, translated for the UK

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