Céline bans press circulating Resort 2014 images

Wednesday, 24 July 2013
A quick browse online to see the luxury brands Resort 2014 collections sees one major fashion collection not listed, namely Céline. The French luxury house, which is designed by Phoebe Philo in London, has not released images of its Resort collection and disclosed it will unveil these closer to the retail season when they are available in store.


Even though the collection was presented to press and buyers during the Resort fashion weeks, all visitors were banned from using cameras and smartphones, meaning no tweets, facebook or other social media outlets will see the images circulated.

Céline bans Céline bans press circulating Resort 2014 imagespress from using cameras and smartphones during Resort fashion weeks

The reason, of course, is the high street copies much of the catwalk collections under the moniker 'inspired by'. Céline’s PR in response are barring the images from being released in order to protect the integrity of its designs and aesthetic until closer to the season. While the demographic of certain high-street stores and Céline are very different, this move appears to be a reaction to the ‘fast fashion’ of modern times.

In a recent interview with American Vogue’s editor at large, Hamish Bowles, Céline’s creative director Phoebe Philo said: “The chicest thing is when you don’t exist on Google.” While the British designer is most definitely on the internet search engine, it seems she may be wishing to retract from both the limelight and the furore of fashion – ironically, giving an even greater sense of exclusivity to her covetable aesthetic as a result.

So what can we expect from Céline's resort collection? WWD reports "a leaner yet still relaxed silhouette dominated the tight lineup marked by a distinct utilitarian vibe. This showed up in a mostly neutral palette of khaki, black and white, and bold D-ring and pocket details. While these rendered straightforward chic, a pair of transparent white dresses over loud underpinnings — one green, one purple — made a slyly subversive tweak on nurse’s garb. There were also rich suedes, including an ultrachic belted lavender shift and fabulous two-toned minks — one color coming and another going."

According to the Daily Telegrah, Céline has previously seen high-street shops quickly replicating the styles from collection imagery and releasing "inspired-by" pieces before the actual collection is even available. Zara, apparently, is particularly guilty of producing Céline-inspired clothes, though the argument can certainly, and fairly, be made that the Céline and Zara consumers are not the same shopper. The issue lies more in fashion fatigue: If you've already seen loads of "transparent white dresses over loud underpinnings" on the Internet or in the mall for a few months, you're probably less likely to even want to buy another version, even if it is the original.

Image: Celine SS13

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