Victoria Beckham builds global empire

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
The Victoria Beckham brand shows no sign of slowing down, and its famous designer has revealed she wants to grow the business into a formidable global empire.

Currently the Victoria Beckham offers denim, ready-to-wear, sunglasses and handbags. In an interview with New York Times T Magazine, Ms Beckham revealed she would like to expand with new product categories, including lingerie and underwear, perfume, make-up and shoes.

Earlier this year Beckham launched a transactional website and a first flagship store is now under consideration.

“I just wanted to create beautiful clothes, good quality clothes I wanted to wear myself,” Beckham stated. “And then I wanted to create handbags, because I couldn’t find the right handbag that I wanted to carry. Then I couldn’t find the right sunglasses, so I decided to make my own sunglasses.”

“I want to get bigger and bigger,” she said. “I absolutely want an empire.”

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