Marc Jacobs’ mind blowing budget

Friday, 18 February 2011
By the looks of it American fashion designer Marc Jacobs has faith in the economy as his SS12 show cost over $1 million, but only lasted nine minutes. Jacobs showed his new collection at the Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week.

The money was spent on white vinyl from California for quilted columns, 63 models and a fully mirror covered catwalk and seats. Backstage 70 people were working on the show and another 85 were looking after hair and make-up. Further more Stephen Jones looked after the hats, and Elisa Ferry was responsible for the manicures of the models. Last but not least, the whole show was put together by Jacob's stylist Venetia Scott.

The collection was inspired by old and new things, the pieces portrayed a mix of classical cuts and futuristic features. Visitors by the likes of Anna Wintour, Leighton Meister, Sofia Coppola and blogger Bryanboy enjoyed the show front row.

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