Kering to push sustainability with London College of Fashion

Monday, 27 October 2014
French luxury goods company Kering is to launch a sustainable partnership with the London College of Fashion.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Kering CEO Henri-Francois Pinault said that the industry needs “successive generations to keep driving change”. The new partnership and curriculum being developed with LCF “will help shape the future of sustainable fashion,” he said.

“In my view, nothing is more important than providing the framework to educate and inspire the next generation to act and become the change-makers we will need to address our future challenges,” said Pinault.

“And if we get this right they will emerge with a creative talent directed not only at creating beauty, but showing us all how beauty, design, creativity, innovation and sustainability can co-exist.”

"Kering is renowned for high-end apparel and accessories, for influential luxury, sport and lifestyle brands. But I would argue that by the very nature of our industry’s innate creativity and ability to set trends, fashion can be a powerful player in illustrating new and appealing solutions to a more sustainable world.

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