John Galliano trial latest

Thursday, 23 June 2011
Ex Dior designer John Galliano has stood trial in Paris and a verdict is expected to be announced in September.

After the testimony of three plaintiffs and five hours in court, the proceedings closed. Galliano blamed his outbursts on his ill health, describing himself as "a recovering alcoholic, a recovering addict". He denied any recollection of the event, and denied being a racist. The designer made no statement to the press as he left the court room, reported

Plaintiff Geraldine Bloch's lawyer revealed outside the courthouse that she is seeking just €1 in damages on moral grounds: "What we are after is an expression of regret and an excuse for what has happened," her lawyer stated.

Second plaintiff Philippe Virgitti, unlike his girlfriend Ms Bloch, is seeking financial compensation for "moral damage": "Unfortunately Mr Galliano doesn't seem to have a code of honour, so my client feels the only way to reach him is through his wallet," his lawyer announced as he arrived.

John Galliano is unlikely to face a prison term if found guilty of using racial insults, a lawyer familiar with similar cases has revealed.