Ghesquière vs Balenciaga steps outside of the courtroom

Wednesday, 27 August 2014
After facing each other in the courtroom during the past month, fashion house Balenciaga and its former designer, Nicolas Ghesquière have agreed to attempt to resolve their case through mediation.

The lawsuit, which filed by Balenciaga against Ghesquière for a breach of contract, will now hopefully be settled outside the courtroom, after the president of the Tribunal de Grande Instance suggested that both parties try to come to an accord, reported WWD.

However, the attempt to come to an agreement outside does not reflect any changes in the fashion house's claims brought against Ghesquière, said Hugo Lévy, lawyer at Thierry Lévy & Associés, counsel for Balenciaga on Tuesday.

He added that if the two parties are unable to reach an accord via mediation, Balenciaga is set to continue pursuing the case in court.

Over the past month, during the court's hearing, the fashion label has claimed that Ghesquière breached the separation deal which stated he abstained making any claims or statements that could damage the image of Balenciaga, or its parent company Kering and its shareholders.

The fashion house is asking for damages claims from Ghesquière in the form of 7 million euros, following the designer and stylist Marie-Amélie Sauvé infamous interview with London-based fashion magazine System last year, which discussed his career after he left Balenciaga.

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