Betsey Johnson is making a comeback

Thursday, 09 August 2012
Eccentric American fashion designer Betsey Johnson who filed for bankruptcy in April is bouncing back with a new dress line. In collaboration with fashion manufacturer The Levy Group, Johnson’s affordable dress collection will debut in boutiques and department stores next spring.

It is reported that the new dresses, which are set to be unveiled during New York Fashion Week in September, will consists of “solid and printed, sexy, flowing dresses” and will retail between 99-249 dollars.

The comeback follows a difficult year for the cartwheeling designer, in April Betsey Johnson LLC, which operated nearly 70 retail stores, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company hoped that someone would buy up the stores at auction, but instead it resulted in a widespread liquidation.

The new dress collection marks an expansion for The Levy Group, Johnson‘s licensee for outerwear, as previously the company focused on casual wear and outerwear with their brands Nautica and Perry Ellis, but with the appointment of Phillip Gaynor as President of Dress Brands it seems that the company is expecting to continue its expansion into the dress sector.