Next's CEO shares his 2.4 million bonus with staff

Thursday, 18 April 2013
Lord Wolfson, chief executive of British fashion retailer Next, has announced his intention of sharing his 2.4 million pounds cash bones with 19,400 staff who has been working for the company since 2000.

Lord Wolfson took the audience – and investors and market as well – by storm on Tuesday when, during the presentation of the annual report of Next, asked for all employees who have been with the retailer since January 2010 to receive their share in the payout.

The bonus comes at approximately one percent of their salaries, what means nearly 125 pounds per each of these employees paid into the their pay slips in July.

In a letter to staff referred by ´City AM’, Lord Wolfson said the bonus was “a gesture of thanks and appreciation from the company for the hard work and commitment you have given to Next over the past three years and through some very tough times.”

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