Mulberry to appoint new creative director before new CEO

Tuesday, 09 September 2014

Mulberry aims to take on a new creative director before hiring its new CEO, revealed executive chairman Godfrey Davis during the brand's annual shareholders' meeting on Monday.

Worried shareholders voiced their concerns during the meeting, asking the brand to take on new directors and hasten its search for a new creative director. The luxury brand has been sailing without a creative director since its former leader, Emma Hill, exited last year.

Her departure was swiftly followed by the exit of Mulberry's former CEO, Bruno Guillon, who left the company this March after overseeing three profit warnings during his short tenure. It also marks the second consecutive season that the luxury brand will not be hosting a fashion show during London Fashion Week.

During the meeting, two smaller shareholders questioned the direction the brand was going, with with one claiming its former scheme to go upmarket “reflects badly on the current board’s decision making,” according to the Independent. “The company is going downhill steadily. Isn't it time we have new directors into the company to take it forward?”

Davis added that the board was currently searching for a new creative director, whose appointment would come before the selection of a new CEO, as it was important that whoever was named were “compatible” with one another.

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