M&S fails to deliver fashion for older customer

Thursday, 10 July 2014
Marks & Spencer have been focusing on refreshing its fashion offer, but in doing so may have forgotten its more mature customers. This week the high street giant was criticised at its annual general meeting for failing to offer fashion and lingerie more suitable for women with fuller figures.

Shareholders criticised the chain for ignoring its most loyal customers, saying it should introduce more designers who make clothes aimed specifically at older women. They called for longer tops, V necklines.

The comments came as M&S unveiled another set of disappointing results, with sales of general merchandise such as clothing falling for a third straight year. It was also overtaken for the first time by Next in terms of annual profit.

They said CEO Marc Bolland had failed to deliver, despite spending 2.3 billion pounds on improvements to stores and merchandise and on overseas expansion. Shareholders also criticised the new website.

Bolland said that the store’s new lines had won praise from the fashion press and that sale of women’s clothing were beginning to show signs of growth, despite “settling in” issues with the website. “We believe that step-by-step we are on the right track,” he said.

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