Louis Vuitton accused of committing trademark infringement

Monday, 18 August 2014

Emerging fashion label LVL XIII has filed a lawsuit against one of the world's most established luxury brands, Louis Vuitton, accusing the brand of committing trademark infringement.

In the lawsuit, Antonio Brown, chief executive officer of LVL XIII, accuses LVMH's daughter label of copying their design, a metal toe plate across the toe area of the trainers for its On the Road footwear line.

Brown claims that he first crafted the toe plate in October of 2012, in order to differentiate the trainers from competing brands. He adds that the toe name plate first launched in 2013 and has become a recognised product signature for the brand.

The label states that Louis Vuitton copied their toe plate design and used their own version of its on its footwear. The lawsuit claims that Louis Vuitton started “to compete unfairly with LVL XIII by selling footwear using trade dress that is confusingly similar to the LVL XIII toe plate and which impinges on the goodwill in it,” according to the New York Daily News.

Brown also states that Louis Vuitton's global marketing machine has aided the luxury label in taking credit for his design. “Buyers were calling me a copycat!” A company spokesperson from Louis Vuitton countered the accusation, commenting: “the lawsuit is entirely without merit, and the company will vigorously defend itself.”

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