Inditex dominates online fashion sales in Spain

Wednesday, 13 November 2013
According to a data report published today by the Companies Registry, retail holding company Inditex obtained a turnover of 82.2 million euros for online sales in Spain for 2012, making the company the biggest seller of online fashion in the country.

Inditex biggest rival for online sales is Privalia, according to the data report in Spanish paper El Pais. Privalia is a Barcelona based company which was founded in 2006 that sells multi-brand products, as well as home, cosmetics and infant goods. For the year 2012, the company reported a turnover of nearly 84 million euros.

Combined, Inditex and Privalia control a quarter of the online fashion business in Spain, with other brands falling far behind the two. Inditex first began selling products online from Zara Home in 2007. Then in 2010, it expanded to include its leading brand Zara in its virtual stores, which is currently available online in 21 countries.

Online clothes shopping has flourished in Spain over the past few years, in 2007 online fashion sales had reached 15.2 million euros and that amount has multiplied by 20 in the last five years.

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