Burberry files lawsuit against South Korean underwear manufacturer

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Luxury British fashion house, Burberry has confirmed the news that it filed a patent violation lawsuit against SBW, a South Korean underwear manufacturer with the Seoul Central District Court on Monday.

Burberry is asking for a court order to ban the production and sales of SBW's TRY underwear that carry its trademarked check pattern, and is asking for 100 million Won, or 56,488 pounds in compensation.

"Burberry confirms that it has taken legal action against TRY for trademark infringement. As a global luxury brand, Burberry considers the protection of its trademarks vital to the health of its business and brand. Burberry protects both its brand and its customers by defending its intellectual property rights and will always act against the abuse of its trademarks," said the company today.

SBW has responded to the lawsuit and chosen to take countermeasures against the British fashion house. "We will consider what actions to take after seeing the reasons for the complaint (from Burberry)," said the South Korean company to Yonhap news agency. "We have already replied to Burberry of our decision, after consulting with our legal agent."

Burberry stands firm on protecting its legitimate rights, previously tried to reach out to SBW to resolve the solution amicably before undertaking legal action.

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