Armani FY’12 net profit up 7.9 percent

Wednesday, 13 November 2013
REPORT_ For the 12 months ended December 31, 2012, Giorgio Armani net profits were up 7.9 percent as compared to the year before. Sales rose 15.9 percent compared to 2011. Operating profits climbed 20.5 percent compared to 2011. Gross operating profit was up 19 percent. The group opened 104 freestanding stores during the year, and, at the end of 2012, had 2,203 units. Clothing grew 18 percent. The year 2012 proved to be an important one for the beauty and fragrance business, and watches and jewelry generated exceptional results, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. The category grew 10.1 percent. Perfumes and cosmetics gained 3.3 percent.

The Giorgio Armani brand grew 6.8 percent accounting for 30 percent of turnover. Emporio Armani grew 8.5 percent accounting for 26 percent of the total. Armani Jeans and Armani Junior grew 24.7 percent and 18.1 percent respectively. In 2012, Europe was the biggest market for the group. North America sales climbed 10.5 percent. Far East sales were up 19.8 percent. Italy sales were up 5 percent.

Armani is based in Italy. The group’s brands include Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni and Armani Junior. “I am pleased to announce that our financial performance in 2012 was once again very positive,” said chairman Giorgio Armani. “This is a direct reflection of the efficiency of the business model on which my group is built. This is an approach that has allowed us to act promptly toward the difficulties arising from the long-running economic crisis.”

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