joins forces with Alibaba

Monday, 09 March 2015 sure has aspirations to be a global force, and they are taking all the right steps to make it happen. Everyone’s favorite e-commerce destination has teamed up with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. to launch an online store on their online marketplace, It is seen as one of the first steps in’s eventual goal to become a global conglomerate.

Alibaba’s Tmall works on a very impressive and original system. Their Tmall offers virtual storefronts and payment portals to merchants. Several retailers already utilize their e-commerce system, including Inditex (the parent company of Zara), luxury retailer Burberry, and ASOS. As China becomes the new target for retailers seeking to expand Alibaba could be seen as the go-to resource for e-commerce endeavors.

While Amazon currently operates their own e-commerce endeavors in China, Alibaba will give them the resources for virtual storefront technology, an upgrade from just the standard click and buy. For those looking to buy imported goods from shoes and clothes their new relationship with Alibaba will make your search much easier. With e-commerce being such a booming market in China, Amazon couldn’t have picked a better time to expand their e-commerce footprint. America’s favorite digital store site is set to become a global super power, nothing less to be expected from arguably the most popular e-commerce site in the e-commerce age.

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