Amazon may team up with America's top fashion retailers

Monday, 24 February 2014
Online retailer giant Amazon is currently thought to be in discussion with ten established US fashion retailers, including J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and Neiman Marcus, to introduce listings for their products on its websites.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that sources familiar to the matter shared that the joint venture could be launches this summer and would allow Amazon to provide listings linking its online consumers to the retailers' own websites.

This joint agreement would mean that Amazon would not be selling the retailers items directly, but would be beneficial for the online retailer as it would give Amazon access to customer data and new incentive for its Prime shipping programme, as the online company plans on raising its rates. The joint agreement is thought to be similar to Amazon's current Marketplace scheme.

According to sources, via one possible scheme, Amazon could offer items with free shipping to its Prime customers, who currently pay 79 dollars per year for their membership, whilst the fashion retailers would be responsible for the agreement and payment of shipping and deliveries.

Amazon has declined to comment and it remains unclear whether any retailers have already signed an agreement, although some sources have indicated that the online retailer is preparing software which could be available to the potential fashion retailers within the next month.

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