Amazon launches same day delivery service in UK

Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Amazon has launched a same day UK delivery service called Pass My Parcel for goods ordered directly from its warehouse.

The online retailer will deliver packages to local newsagents and high street shops within 12 hours using the shipping network from Connect Group, the newspaper distributor formerly branded Smiths News.

With Connect Group Amazon can ensure orders as late as 7:45pm will be collectable from the customer's local shop by 6:30am the next morning or, if ordered by 11.45am, from 4pm the same day. Customers will be notified by text or email that their parcel has arrived.

Christopher North, managing director of Amazon in the UK, described it as our “fastest delivery service yet”. It will be available at more than 500 newsagents and convenience stores in the run-up to Christmas, but Amazon plans to expand the service rapidly next year.

The UK is the world leader in click-and-collect delivery services. Amazon already has more than 6,000 pick-up locations, including London Underground stations and airports.

Cathy Robertson, analyst at Transport Intelligence, was quoted in the Financial Times: “This is something they and the competition are working towards, particularly as the holiday season draws closer. Within the US, Amazon is able to offer this type of delivery in select markets but because of the size of the US it’s still difficult to achieve across the country. However, the UK market is perhaps more ideal to achieve same-day delivery throughout because of its size and population.”

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