Twitter launches e-commerce 'buy it now' button

Monday, 08 September 2014
Social networking and micro-blogger platform Twitter is venturing into ecommerce and will unveil a new 'buy' option that will appear alongside a brand's tweet. This will allow its users to click and buy directly from a tweet.

Burberry one of select partners during tests

Tests with a "small percentage of US users" and a limited number of commercial partners are due to begin imminently. Burberry has been confirmed as the only luxury fashion company that will take part during this development phase.

“When you’re talking about a consumer’s payment info and commerce in general, we’re going to wade very cautiously into those waters, so when larger brands jump in they can feel great about the experience,” Nathan Hubbard, head of commerce at Twitter, told WWD, citing Burberry as a brand that is innovative in its use of the social medium. “We’re testing with them, and I think we’ll break some ground with them and set some examples of other ways brands can follow.”

The first time a user clicks the “buy” button, they will be prompted to enter payment and shipping information. Subsequently all they have to do is confirm the purchase and that product will be sent, all without leaving the Twitter app or platform.

The first items to be sold via the button are likely to be time-limited, such as event tickets or other limited edition goods, said Nathan Hubbard, Twitter's e-commerce boss in an interview with the New York Times.

Image: Twitter buy now

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