Paris to invest 57 million euros in its fashion industry

Tuesday, 10 March 2015
The French capital is set to inject 57 million euros into the fashion industry over the next five years to give the sector a big boost. The hefty investment was revealed on Friday by mayor Anne Hidalgo, during the opening of the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition at the Palais Galliera. "Because fashion is also all those trades that are in inseparable from artistic creation. I myself was raised by a seamstress and very quickly learned the precious value of artisanal work," said Hidalgo.

"Embroiderers, trim-makers, designers, jewellers and jewellery-makers, leather craftsmen, shoemakers, perfumers...numerous are these artisanal trades that other capitals envy us for. We decided to reaffirm our full support for this vital industry by investing 57 million euros in the fashion sector over the next 5 years. By mobilizing this considerable sum, we will give ourselves the means to consolidate our position as the global capital of fashion."

The generous donation, which will be distributed until 2020, will also support the city's three major fashion schools: Duperré, Estienne and Boulle. Without disclosing further details regarding the investment, the mayor added: "We have decided to invest in three schools that belong to the most prestigious and highly esteemed fashion schools in the world." Alumni from the schools include the likes of Bouchra Jarrar, Christine Phung and William Henry. "These schools are crucial in a city where the fashion industry provides for 60,000 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs."

'Paris must remain the city of fashion'

"We encourage creativity, we encourage the talent and we provide them with the ideal conditions to express themselves," continued Hidalgo, highlighting Paris Fashion Week which is currently underway. During the fashion event, which consists of nearly 100 shows, presentations, showroom appointments and parties, a lot is invested into the French capital. "We are often imitated but never duplicated. In Paris, everything happens faster than everywhere else, because we are brave and professional."

Hidalgo originally comes from Spain and went on to become the first female mayor of Paris, Although she has indicated that she always was a bit of a fashionista at heart, she places the fashion industry high on the agenda, personally attending the opening day of Paris Fashion Week last week at Duperré. In a former interview with French Vogue, Hidalgo said: "Paris is the capital of fashion and I will do everything to make sure it stays that way."

The mayor speaks highly of an active fashion policy. "We must continue to increase our efforts for designers, especially to those who needs it most. All young designers must have the means to work in Paris to show their collections. The city should enable more talented young designers to possibility to do so." She stressed that the three main fashion schools which will receive investment will earn even more international recognition now.

"Haute couture was born in Paris and will always be here at home. Every Fashion Week held here is a great success and a major boost to the appeal of our city. Paris reveals the trends and designers of tomorrow and I'm going to make sure that this momentum is raised to an even higher level."

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