New sustainable childrenswear label launches

Monday, 25 November 2013
New label, The Fableists, is hoping to represent a move away from mass-produced fashion, manufactured with chemicals with its new ethical clothing line for kids aged 4 to 10. Created by a group of creatives from publishing and advertising, the mission of the label is to make “timeless, hard-wearing clobber”, that isn’t just about the seasons, but is designed to be worn all year round by both girls and boys.

Based heavily on utilitarian workwear and a classic vintage style, the sustainable clothing line features t-shirts that have an almost zero carbon footprint, due to factories being run on wind and other renewable energy sources, as well as pieces including tops, jeans, jackets and trousers that are made from cotton that is 100 percent certified organic.

Commenting on the new label, co-founder Matt Cooper, said: “Like so many people, we were concerned with the growing throw-away fashion trend that led to such tragedies as the Rana Plaza collapse this spring.

“When we searched for great looking clothes whose provenance we could trace for our own kids, we couldn’t find what we were after. We created The Fableists to meet our own needs and those of our friends and colleagues in the creative industries.”

The Fableists launch new ethical childrenswear line

The new label has a strict mission statement to ensure the sustainability of the products that are “for kids and not by kids” including ensuring that there are no underage workers in the factories they deal with, that all employees are paid a fair wage and are given statutory rights in accordance with International Labour Organization, and that all factories and dyeing house are inspected regularly.

Cooper added: “Everyone involved is passionate and excited about the product we are launching and also about our small contribution to the planet and her people. Most of all, we don’t want to set a future deadline to work towards – we want to make changes now.

“Making a change in the way consumers shop and perceive clothes in terms of buying, using and disposing of them, will make a huge difference to family health, the lives of others, the planet and will help to create a positive movement. But we are also adamant that our clothes look the business. The Fableists is a label with a vision.”

The label also guarantees that all items are certified by Fair Wear or Fairtrade, and that everything from thread to buttons to rivets are considered, for instance the rivets and buttons are lead and nickel free, as well as ensuring that the printing of t-shirts and dying done in closed loop system so that chemicals are not dumped in to the communities and ecosystems.

The clothing label has launched with an e-commerce site, and is also available at its pop-up boutique at Brothers and Sisters, 31a Clerkenwell Close, and the brand will be at the Dalston Christmas Market on December 1. Prices range from 16 pounds for a graphic print t-shirt to 45 pounds for a coat, with jeans costing 30 pounds.