Interbrand lists "Best Global Green Brands"

Thursday, 26 June 2014
German sportswear retailer Adidas is the only fashion label that was listed in the top ten best global green brands annual report from Interbrand. Every year Interbrand examines the gap between a brand's environmental performance and consumers's view of that performance to find the best green brands from around the world.

For the first time, Adidas has entered the report's top ten green list and secured its position in eighth place. The report highlights Adidas 'four-pronged' Fair Play approach that it takes towards its sustainability initiatives as being one of the reasons the sportswear retailer made it so high on the list.

Adidas listed as the world's 8th best global green brand

“Whether it is sourcing and developing more environmentally-friendly materials, enforcing basic employee and human rights or reducing water use and pollution, Adidas’ four pillars provide a conceptual framework that enables its stakeholders to better understand, assess and realize the multinational footwear and sportswear company’s sustainability goals,” said Interbrand.

Other fashion brands who were listed among the top fifty best global green brands include Nike, Zara and H&M. American sportswear retailer Nike managed to move up two places on the list this year and was ranked as the 29th global green brand. Swedish fast-fashion retailer H&M also managed to improve its green ranking this year, moving up to three places to take the 39th position.

However it was Inditex's biggest fashion label, Zara that managed to improve its ranking the most this year. Zara went from being listed in place 48th last year to 34th. The Spanish fashion retailer's ongoing commitment to implementing sustainable practices across it operations, from introducing a waste management systems across its flagships stores to training its staff on sustainable practices has won the brand loyal fans from all over the world. Zara's goal to turn all its existing stores into 100 percent eco-efficient structured by 2020 have been translated into its strong performance.

“This year, the Best Global Green Brands report focuses on the power of participation and collective action,” commented Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s global Chief Executive Officer. “The report suggests that every constituency businesses, consumers, employees, suppliers, governments and investors—will need to be engaged and willing to collaborate in order to take Corporate Citizenship and sustainability initiatives to the next level.”

Will Sarni, director of Deloitte consulting and leader of the sustainability and enterprise water strategy practice in the US added: “An effective way to close the gap is for companies to invest in sustainability initiatives and programs that become inextricably a part of their brands’ DNA.”

“As companies work to improve their environmental sustainability performance, it is imperative that they communicate their efforts and engage with the public and other stakeholders through reporting and disclosure. Simultaneously working to improve environmental performance and perception in the marketplace is key to enhancing business and brand value.”

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