Foreign shoppers spend more than UK consumers

Friday, 27 December 2013
The autumn winter sales have started and international shoppers are flying into the capital to purchase luxury goods and fashion and discounted prices.On Boxing Day, shopping tourists boosted sales on UK high streets as Middle Eastern, Russian and particularly Chinese bargain hunters spent four times as much as British consumers, according to Global Blue, a company which helps tourists plan their shopping abroad.

Middle Eastern shoppers spent an average of 1,714 pounds

Shoppers from Middle East topped the charts for the most spent per transaction. Qataris spend the most on average 1,714 pounds per transaction, followed by those from the United Arab Emirates, who spend an average of 1,372 pounds.

The Chinese spend 1,367 pounds on average per transaction but are more likely to return to the tills with more goods, according to Global Blue. Russians and Nigerians spent on average 950 pounds

Shoppers from India were also among the highest spenders, while the amount spent by shoppers from Thailand has risen 42 percent year–on–year.

Gordon Clark, the UK manager of Global Blue, said: "With international shoppers – particularly from China, Russia and Nigeria – spending on average four times more than domestic shoppers, retailers can look to boost Christmas trading by tailoring their in–store experience to these high spending tourists."

Images: Selfridges sale