Adidas files lawsuit against Forever 21 for copying its trademark

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

London - German sportswear company Adidas has filed a federal lawsuit in the US against fast-fashion chain Forever 21 and private manufacturer Center Mill for violating its trademark. The lawsuit accuses Forever 21 of designing, producing, distuributing, marketing and selling apperal that carry

"identical and or confusingly similar imitations" of Adidas three-stripes emblem.

According to the lawsuit, the merchandise Forever 21 is offering is "is likely to cause confusion, deceive the public regarding its source, and dilute and tarnish the distinctive quality of Adidas's three-stripe mark." Adidas has applied for a court order to halt the sale of all items bearing the three-stripes mark as well as the production of these items, in addition to seeking compensation for the damages caused by Forever 21.

Adidas stresses they hold numerous "incontestable federal trademark registrations" for the three-stripes design, which they have build up over the years and Forever 21 decision to copy it is a "blatant disregard" for the company's rights.

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