TRIPTIEK 2015: AMFI students design the future

Monday, 02 February 2015
altTriptiek is an impressive project where second year students from AMFI's Branding, Design and Management departments (a total of 260 students) join forces to create in only three weeks 10 fashion brands and present them on a professional catwalk. The 10 brands have to take Dutch cultural icons   and give them a contemporary twist as if they were rediscovered in the year 2025. Sustainability will play a major role in the designs.

altThe 10 new brands that will be presented next Wednesday, February 4th, are:

KORRELTJE ZOUT "We use the power of history and the sincerity of the new Holland. Our icon comes fresh from the North Sea. We draw inspiration from the simplicity of the herring and the strong fishing culture around it. The herring acts as a figurehead of liberal Netherlands."

PUNT "PUNT, a contemporary fashion brand inspired by the dutch icon 'the Revolt Chair' by Friso Kramer. We want to create a moment of peace in a world full of chaos and fast fashion by going back to the essence of a product. The herring "

ALÈPH "In 2025 image and media have become the most important part of creating a reality in our own minds. ALÈPH encourages you to break out of the cocoon created by this flood of images. Aleph challenges you to look beyond the usual, cross boundaries and think further than the infinite. Inspired by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher, an icon in the shadows, well known for his endless patterns and genius way of mocking with perspective. Escher lets you think twice and makes you believe you are still uncertain about what you see. With this in mind, the same idea about letting you look further, ALÈPH creates more space for interpretation."

FLOOT "Floot is a brand which gets its inspiration from the revolutionary Dutch architect Koen Olthuis. He decided to build communities on water to keep up with de fast urbanisation of cities. His vision is the base of FLooT. FLooT fulfills the constant changing needs of its customers with a twist of slow fashion."

BAO "BAO takes people from a continuous flow of information back to the physical world. By confronting people with their seeming limitations their curiousity is being simulated and they will be encouraged to explore. Only by independently looking from different perspectives a complete picture is created. BAO believes that this image is intriguing and that it provides enrichment."

NODE "NODE is inspired by the harbour of Rotterdam, a no man's land filled with automated machines. At first it seems to be a bit chaotic, but everything is not what it appears to be. Between all the chaos there is a hidden structure to be found. A combination of confusion and order, distraction and concentration."

INTONA "Have you ever heard of Dick Raaijmakers? No? Well, you should have. He revolutionised the electronic music scene with innovative developments and original combinations. INTONA celebrates this unsung icon by bringing sound and fashion together through harmonious collaborations and shifting silhouettes.

Raaijmakers was not only a pioneer in music but he also inspired people to completely rethink how to make it. He approached sound differently, dedicating his life to pushing the boundaries of what was possible, deconstructing and altering sound like never before.

In today’s world, you have to recycle as much as possible and everything is made for the masses, with hyper connectivity at its height. INTONA gives you the freedom the feel individual and collaborate with the people around you. Each individual is a tone and when many tones come together, they chime.

We provide the tones and let you compose."

METANOIA "We at Metanoia believe that the past goes hand in hand with the present and that there is no future without a past. In order to easily adapt to the unsettling blankness we call the future, we need to be sure of where we come from. By transforming the existing into something modern and functional we enhance the meaning and allow for adaptation to changing environments. Metanoia therefore does not only rely on the traditional, but combines it with a modern day mentality to create extraordinary future fashion products."

VESSEL "Inspired by the Dutch houseboat culture, Vessel engineers a new world where tomorrow’s threats become today’s opportunities. No longer limited to land, or rooted in routines, Vessel provides semiaquatic pioneers with a fashion brand designed for their independent and mobile lifestyle on the water.

Sea levels may rise, but Vessel helps people rise above."

ISONOMY "As a brand we want to tackle the barrier that is withholding young women with a religious background from being independent, confident Dutch citizens. We want to fight discrimination towards multireligious beliefs by combining all its beauty and meaning into a new voice, a new Dutch identity, redefined to be the home of all women living in the Netherlands."

The Fashion Education Network will be there to support these young talents. If you would like to attend the event, you can get your tickets here.

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